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Detroit Flame Hardening - The Company

Detroit Flame Hardening Company was founded in 1941, in a quiet residential area of Detroit.

While maintaining and upgrading our original site in Detroit, we also operate plants in Cleveland Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Houston Texas, and licenses in Melbourne Australia.

We occupy a unique position among the surface hardening methods of the world. In addition to complementing the other methods of heat treating, flame hardening advantages are virtually unlimited when applied to massive parts that would be beyond capacity of furnace and induction equipment.

We have worked hard to improve control of the process so as to ensure quality and repeatability in our work. Our new "spin hardening" machines, with their state of the art controls, are particularly suited to processing gears, sprockets, wheels, and hubs up to 54" in diameter.

To optimize results, we recommend talking to us early in the design and manufacturing stage. Our technical staff can suggest the best procedures, or design the right equipment needed to handle your parts. Our staff is highly trained and many have been with us for more than a quarter of a century. We are a full service flame hardening company and can offer metallurgical or technical advice in any stage of your plans.

We also manufacture and sell Portable Pocket Size Hardness Testers.

Physical Plant Location and Shipping Address
David Ross, Plant Manager
17644 Mt. Elliott Ave. Detroit, MI 48212
Phone: 313-891-2936
Fax: 313-891-3150

Mailing Address and Accounting
43554 River Bend Blvd., Clinton Twp., MI   48038-2479
Phone: 586-484-1726
Fax: 586-477-0062