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Detroit Flame Hardening - Gears & Sprockets

Get hardness when and where you need it

Gears, sprockets and gear racks benefit the most from quality flame hardening. Replacement of worn gears can be expensive, time consuming and difficult.

  • Increase life of gears, sprockets and gear racks with flame hardening
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  • By only hardening the wear areas of the gears, the base metal keeps its original tensile strength.
  • Spin or progressive hardening available
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  • Cast or fabricated gears of any size can be flame hardened
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These gears demonstrate the three methods of flame hardening. The large gear was made of 1045 steel and completely finished before flame hardening. The spiral gear was made from 1035 steel instead of 4140 and flame hardened to Rc.50, without loss of lead due to dimensional change. The small timing gears were flame hardened by the spinning method with less distortion than previously encountered from other heat treating methods.


A New Development
Flame Hardened Gear Teeth