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The most effective and economical utilization of the flame hardening process results when experience, equipment and know-how are combined.

We welcome opportunities to discuss specific problems; fax or mail your blueprints or ask our engineers to visit your facility.


Machine bases with flame hardened, integrally cast ways eliminate costly fitting of separate inserts. Bases are rough machined, flame hardened, and finish ground. Result - Lower costs plus field proven life.


CAMS - O.D., I.D. or Barrel. Finish machine and flame harden. Eliminate costly die steels. High hardness where you want it.


Conveyor sprockets of any size illustrate the use of flame hardening combined with the latest fabrication methods and materials.


Costs of Crane Wheels can be reduced by completely finishing before flame hardening. They can be made of cast iron, ductile iron or rolled steel.


Rope Drums for Cranes - either cast or fabricated - an ideal flame hardening application.


Sugar Mill Rolls and Journals - extended life without slippage when flame hardened.


Sheave Wheels for power shovels required groove protection only - flame hardening is the last operation and is both economical and fast.
Many and various surfaces can be flame hardened on the same object.