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Detroit Flame Hardening - Special Services

In addition to dies, molds, rolls, shafts, machine ways & rails, gears and sprockets, Detroit Flame Hardening can also process production runs of automotive and defense industry parts.

Flame hardening is ideal for prototypes or start-up lots. It is also effective for large production runs for such parts as links, rub blocks, spring pads and other parts you need in quantity. Ask us for details.

We also provide precision straightening, usually required of a majority of flame hardened parts. Our cold precision straightening is within .015" T.I.R. Closer tolerances can be achieved for specific requirements.

Our services also include the capability to remove "twists" via our straightening process. Talk to us about your application. Our engineering staff can determine the best procedures, and even design the most appropriate equipment to process your parts.

Sheaves and rope drums

  • Flame hardening dramatically reduces wear on load bearing rope groove areas
  • Hardening of bearing surfaces on slew rings and thrust rings
  • Full or partial groove area hardening is no problem
  • Lifting capacity - 20 tons

Precision Straightening Facility

  • A range of straightening presses up to 200 ton capacity
  • Both "cold" and "hot" precision straightening to commercial grinding tolerances
  • Remove "twists" with a specially adapted "de-twisting press"


We also can take care of:

  • Deep Freezing
  • Sandblasting
  • Magna-flux capability
  • SPC
  • Vibratory stress relief


Flame Hardening

  • gives higher hardness for increased life
  • provides more efficient productivity
  • reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • harden selected areas only
  • means less cost because of less coverage
  • less distortion
  • less machining and grinding
  • less processing time

And Helps Increase Profits!

Flame hardening is a reliable and time proven alternative to other types of heat treatment and the savings can be tremendous.

Our experienced and highly competent staff is dedicated to service. Let us demonstrate our commitment to you and your surface hardening needs.