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Detroit Flame Hardening

Flame Hardening - The Economical Alternative to Heat Treating

Our localized heat treatment process involves gas-fired flame being applied to selected portions of metal surfaces of carbon and alloy steels, cast and ductile irons, immediately followed by a liquid or air quenching medium.

The resulting effect is a hardening of the treated surface (up to 1/8 inch deep) with minimal distortion, providing better wear to the part, and hence, longer life to the machine.

Experienced personnel and appropriate equipment are vital to an effective flame hardening process. Behind each of our applications is knowledge of metallurgy, the technique of combining gas and flame to achieve the desired depth of hardness, and selecting the appropriate quenching medium. These contribute to the superior quality of the Detroit Flame Hardening Company.

Flame hardening is reliable and a time proven alternative to other types of heat treatment.
The savings can be tremendous!

Our experienced and highly competent staff are dedicated to service. Let us demonstrate our commitment to you and your surface hardening needs.

Member of the American Society for Metals International

Detroit Flame Hardening

Physical Plant Location and Shipping Address
David Ross, Plant Manager
17644 Mt. Elliott Ave. Detroit, MI 48212
Phone: 313-891-2936
Fax: 313-891-3150

Mailing Address and Accounting
43554 River Bend Blvd., Clinton Twp., MI   48038-2479
Phone: 586-484-1726
Fax: 586-477-0062


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  • Increased wear ability due
    to higher surface hardness

  • Reduced downtime and
    maintenance expenses

  • More efficient production

  • Selective hardness saves costs

  • Less distortion to parts

  • Reduced finishing operations

  • Less processing time to harden