Detroit Flame Hardening - Detroit Hardness Tester

This instrument was engineered and manufactured by experts in metallurgy who frequently required a portable hardness tester. It has been rigorously pre-tested to ensure positive operation and reliable accuracy. Weighing just four ounces, this portable Hardness Tester is calibrated to the Rockwell Scale.

The clever design of the instrument incorporates a steel ball, precisely weighted and shaped, that is dropped from a specific height to guarantee an accurate Rockwell C Scale hardness reading of the material under test. The test surface must be free of scale or tool marks, and the material tested should be at least 1 inch thick.

Highly regarded by top-tier plants and machine shops, the Hardness Tester removes the uncertainty from quality control processes, making it perfect for spot checks or ongoing production verification. It offers on-the-job readings with dependable accuracy and is a practical tool for users, being small and light enough to carry in a pocket. It measures 9-1/4 inches in length, weighs 4 ounces, and features an easy-to-read and operate scale.

An additional benefit is that the instrument has no moving parts, reducing the risk of malfunctions even if accidentally dropped.

Physical Features

  • They are pre-tested for positive release and dependable accuracy.
  • Weigh only four ounces.
  • They are 9 1/4" in length.
  • They are calibrated to "Rockwell Scale".
  • Easy to read.
  • Ready to use.
  • The hardness tester has no moving parts to get out of adjustment.

This ingenious instrument features a steel ball of exact weight and shape which is dropped from an exact height - thus ensuring a precise reading in "Rockwell C Scale" of the hardness of the material being tested. The surface to be tested should be free of scale or tool marks and the piece to be checked should have a thickness of 1" or more.

Prices start at $155.00 each for 1-10 units and drop to $135.00 each for orders of 11 or more units, in U.S. funds, plus shipping costs. Each unit includes a carrying case. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please note, shipments are limited to U.S. and Canadian addresses only.